The Sad Reality

A few months ago, my eldest dog Bruno had a bit of a health scare. He got really sick, barely moved and became quite irritable. We started talking about getting him put to sleep, and there was a lot of crying involved on my part. I love my pets and the thought of losing one… Continue reading The Sad Reality


What Is life?

So, as I've talked about before, my Fiance and I have been in a rough financial situation for the better part of a year and a half now due to complications with disability benefits and other related, messy parts that were somehow linked to this one problem. This has meant that we've been living a… Continue reading What Is life?


Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

In my life, I've fallen a few times, both in the literal and figurative sense. Physically, I'm ridiculously clumsy, always dropping things either on the floor or on myself, provoking a neverending string of curses. I walk into things, trip over my own feet and have had too many grazes and bruises to count. Now,… Continue reading Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously